Granny Forced Anal Sex In The Car


One morning I went with my grandmother to eat granita (sicilian food)
in a bar. There was a nice temperature outside and my grandma was very well dressed.
We ate and walked in a nice park.
She saw a kitten, so she lowered to caress it.
I noticed her red thong. Very sexy in her little body.
We got back in the car and sat in the back to eat chips.
We were joking and I got into the excitement and put her in a doggy style.
I lowered her skirt…
Granny: “What do you want to do?”
Me: “I wants your ass!”
Granny: “What? – You’re crazy.”
Me: “Shut up and let me put it in your ass.”
I put her in the ass and she used to say all the time:
“No, no… please. Its too big for my ass. Please.”
I forced it all in her ass and when I saw some blood I stopped in fear.


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