Christmas night with Flavia


Flavia is a 50 years old and she is my mom’s best friend.
She is a bit fat but with a very sexy face.
She was tired and needed to lie down.
So, I take her to my mother’s bedroom.
Me: If you want… I can massage your back.
Flavia: Oh, yes… ok!
She was a bit drunk.
During the message… I touched her breasts and she laughed slightly.
I kept touching her tits.
Me: Flavia… take off your shirt… in this way I can massage better.
Flavia: Ok!
Me: Also the bra.
Flavia: Ok!
Me: Your boobs are wonderful.
Flavia: Thanks, sweetheart.
Me: Flavia… I needs that you suck my cock, now. Ok?
Flavia: Now? But… my husband is in the kitchen.
Me: Not worry. Get on your knees, now.
Flavia: Ok!
Me: Open your mouth.
Her mouth was wonderful and she was very expert in this art.
Flavia: Cum in my mouth, ok? I want swallow.
She swallow all and after she fell asleep on my mom’s bedroom.


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