Breakfast with Aunty Adele for Christmas Eve


My aunty Adele come in my home with some warm crossaints.
She is 68 years old with a little body and blonde hairs.
We’re in Kitchen and we’re talking about the holidays.
Crossaints with chocolate are very nice and the arabic coffee
is perfect together.
White I’m drinking the coffee… my eyes goes in her breats.
Her breasts aren’t big but sexy. She wearing a white bra.
She finishes drinking coffee and brings the cup into the sink.
Immediately after she approaches me and hugs me.
we stay like that for a few minutes, motionless.
I start to get excited, so… I put my hands in her ass.
She says nothing, remains motionless.
I’m still more excited, so… I put my hand within her skirt.
Adele: Oh god, no…
Me: Shhh, mom is in the bathroom here… Shhh…
She is without underwear… and I put my finger in her asshole.
My mom comes out of the bathroom and I stop.
Adele returns to her chair.

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